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Amanda Moore


Amanda Moore is an autodidact artist. Her passion for wildlife conservation and understanding the natural world that surrounds us fuels her imagination and her imagery. She is best known for her hauntingly surreal visions which evoke a magical tenderness, uniting the beautiful relationships between nature and spirit.

“Having a deep reverence for nature and art has been with me since I was very young. The need to create and explore what it meant only intensified as I got older. I can only compare it to an unspoken bond between old friends. After being a producer for many years and working as a private end of life care specialist. My obsession with rendering ideas into physical form through art and action has enriched the awareness that magic exist in ways you can only experience in the presence of the end result.

Painting helps me reconcile with life, connect with nature and presence while navigating the peculiar business of “humaning”.

My hope is to inspire that primordial remembrance of the wild and natural world around us that makes a life worth living. To stir curiosity, to initiate a visual invitation that awakens a deeper understanding of those more ethereal joining veils between this world and others.

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