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Toni Nagy is dancer and the proud owner of the movement space and creative incubator SideStream Studio in Brattleboro, VT. Nagy has been teaching movement classes for over a decade at her studio where she workshopped and developed “Gyration Nation.” She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College where she majored in philosophy and dance. Nagy performs all over New England and her work is often driven by messages of social consciousness and activism. 


Nagy is also a stand-up comedian and content creator most known for her viral videos where she interpretive dances her philosophies while pontificating, gyrating, and questioning culture. She has over 600,000 followers across her social media platforms... not that she's counting or anything. She’s directed and acted in numerous films and written multiple award-winning screenplays. Nagy has performed stand up at the Comedy Store, Flappers, and Elysian Theater, Los Angeles; the Palm Springs Comedy Festival; Greenwich Village Comedy Club and Chelsea Music Hall, NY; the Improv Boston and Laugh Boston; and Next Stage Theater. The Broadway Comedy NYC club twice voted her “Best New Comedian.” She is currently on a national tour performing a two-person comedy variety show with her 13-year old daughter titled “Go To Your Womb!” 


Nagy performs a variety of acts including stand up, story-telling, clowning, dance, and a mixture of all of the above in one psychedelic soup 

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