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Forest Weston is a retired Forester who began playing didgeridoo in 2009. He was instantly drawn to the instrument after hearing one played for the first time, being pulled in by the ancient tones and rhythms. The fact that the didgeridoo is likely to be the first wind instrument played by humans drew him even deeper into the low frequency, haunting drones that makes it so unique. Weston builds most of the instruments he plays from traditional materials as well as modern composites.


Weston performs both individually and with like minded musicians throughout New England. Some of his favorite forms are sound immersions and meditations. He began working alongside Jim Doble, noted gong soundmaster, after they met online in 2021. He and his wife, Lynn, have also performed regularly at various Celtic events and art shows. They reside in Lewiston, Maine and are available for public and private performances. Weston also gives individual sound balancing sessions as well as instruction to aspiring didgeridoo players.

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