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Speaker: Eric Osborne


This presentation will walk the audience through the sacred history of psilocybin beginning with our Paleolithic ancestors all the way until present day. Eric will share images and anecdotes of sacred mushroom usage in Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Mayan and Mesoamerican cultures as well to help provide a rich context for modern day sacred mushroom practitioners. The audience will come away with a deep understanding that communing with sacred mushrooms is an intrinsic part of our human legacy. That this practice has not only helped to make us who we are but is currently shaping our future as well. Those who already work with psilocybin in a sacred manner will have their faith and practice fortified by the historical documentation that will convince anyone of the legitimacy. Those who work with psilocybin in a secular fashion will likely give new thought to their practice, if not as a spiritual one, then one that spans the breadth of human history and philosophy. The audience will then be given an opportunity to ask questions of Eric or to share their personal, spiritual experiences with sacred mushrooms further embodying their participation in this intrinsic aspect of the human experience. The information sharing will be designed to last forty-five minutes with an additional forty-five minutes for questions and audience participation.

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