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Maine Fungi Fest 2023 is excited to serve our community by offering

interactive space with a bunch of fun free activities for kid and adults

The space will be located in the green space directly across the street from the venue,
which is kindly offered to us by The Portland Museum of Art

Open to all public  10am—4pm on Saturday and 10am—2pm on Sunday. 

Courtesy of Jim Doble's Elemental Design, original large size outdoor instruments will be available for playing to people of all ages.

Instrument Garden

Elemental Design
Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 15.30.30.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 15.34.45.png

   Nettie Gentempo is a professional hula hoop artist and multi-talented performer.  Her work has been featured on a variety of stages, including the Blue Ocean Music Hall – Salisbury, MA, Portland House of Music – Portland, ME and the Institute of Contemporary Art – Boston, MA

At the beginning of 2021 Nettie decided to document her art via social media by #hulahoopingeverydamnday, (In which she committed to hula hooping every day for two full years).

Hoola Hooping with Nettie Loops

We are setting up a variety of hands-on art stations where kids (and adults) can create

Conscious Creation Station


Our team of guest artist is going to organize a collaborative painted mural creation together with visitors

Community Mural

Attendees will have the opportunity to build a mushroom sculpture 6’x8’ out of birch saplings and other living matter.

Living Mushroom Sculpture

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