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Kristina Ellery


Kristina Ellery is the founder and head minister of Sacred Earth Sanctuary, a church for natural plant entheogens, with their primary sacrament being the Psilocybin Mushroom. Her journey began in the jungles of Peru, when an unexpected experience with Ayahuasca forced her to look at her darkness, through the ugliest parts of herself, and into the light. The experience was so profound that she walked away from her career of 12 years as a SAG/AFTRA actor and special effects makeup artist.
Leaving Los Angles behind, she enrolled in Sage-The Science and Art of Herbalism, developed by Rosemary Gladstar, and taught by Rochelle Baca, to embark on a life of plants and healing. During her certification in 2020, she would be struck with the worst tragedy of her life, leaving her completely traumatized. When all hope was lost, the Psilocybin Mushroom presented itself, and through an extensive series of ceremonies, she was able to address her grief, navigate through the many layers of self, ultimately leading her to an advanced understanding of existence, and a relationship with Spirit. With this newfound understanding, and relationship with Spirit, Sacred Earth Sanctuary was born.
Kristina has now been guiding for nearly 3 years, sat with over 100 members of the church, and has dedicated her life to helping humanity awaken to its highest potential.

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