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Live Demonstrations — More TBA

Dip Into Dyeing: A Foray Into Fungi
This demonstration with Alexandra will introduce attendees to the expansive and enchanting world of natural dyeing with fungi. Whether you are a seasoned dyer, a novice, or a beginner -- this demo is welcome to all. The demo will cover proper dye station set-ups, preparations, processing, proper care, and adhering color to the fibers. We will also discuss safety protocols, materials, tools, and instruments necessary to facilitate safe and sustainable exploration within the world of natural dyeing.

Tincture Making

Have you ever wanted to make your own medicinal mushroom tincture? Join us for a workshop all about medicinal mushroom tincture making. We will demonstrate the steps necessary to make a double-extracted mushroom tincture, while discussing medicinal properties, tincture safety, storage, ratios, and dosage. There will also be a short Q & A session following the demonstration.

Mycology Laboratory Skills
In this workshop we will demystify the beginning stages of the mushroom cultivation process by going over the skills and equipment needed to successfully create your own mushroom cultures and spawn. Most mushroom cultivation classes start at the end of the cultivation cycle by focusing on how to grow mushrooms with already established mushroom spawn. In this workshop you will learn how to create a clean environment for culture work, how to create a mushroom culture from mushroom spores, how to clone a mushroom, and how to create your own mushroom spawn.

Cooking with 'Schrooms
Watch as some of Portland's finest chef's show you how to prepare mushrooms for every day culinary enjoyment!

Growing Your Own with a Monotub
As your appreciation for mushrooms grows, you might be looking for ways to grow them yourself using a clean and compact indoor method. To scratch that itch we offer you some excellent info on one of the most beloved indoor growing methods: The Monotub

In this workshop we will show you what a Monotub is and all of the materials needed to make one. We will also demonstrate how to use the Monotub properly and discuss which species to consider, the principles involved, some of the challenges, and how to troubleshoot those challenges.

Log Cultivation
Check out the coolest form of mushroom cultivation there is! We will demonstrate the process of log inoculation while discussing important considerations such as when you should cut your logs, what type of wood should be used, what mushrooms should be used, how to care for those logs and more. This is a great time to ask those burning questions about your unique situation!

Chair Massages
Get a free 15 minute chair massage during the event courtesy of some of Maine's finest massage therapists.

Sound Bath
Experience a 15 minute sound bath immersion in a chair or on a yoga mat and discover the ability of sound to alter energy, mood, and consciousness.

Plant Based Nutrition: What The Heck Is Tempeh?

The primary source of information about nutrition historically has been from our governments Standard American Diet (SAD) guidelines which has led to higher levels of obesity, heart disease, and overall poor health. When in fact, eating a plant-based diet with foods as close to their natural state (whole foods) and avoiding highly processed foods and animal products, is the ideal human diet. This presentation will explore the world of a whole food, plant based lifestyle, what to eat daily and what foods to minimize or avoid. Tempeh is a whole food and a great source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals and is extremely versatile in the kitchen. Tempeh is made with only three ingredients, soybeans, rice vinegar and the mushroom culture Rhizopus Oligosporous, which is fermented, creating a dense web of mycelium. We will demonstrate various ways to incorporate this delicious and nutritious superfood into your diet with cooking techniques and recipes.

SATURDAY - May 13th

8 am - Attendee Registration Begins
8:45 am - Welcoming
9 am - Workshops - Round 1
10:45 am - Panel Discussions
Noon - Lunch (On-site for attendees)
1:15 pm - Workshops - Round 2
2:30 pm - Workshops - Round 3
4 pm - Saturday Keynote Speaker
7:30 pm - Special Event

SUNDAY - May 14th

8 am - Breakfast (on-site for attendees)
8:45 am - Welcoming
9 am - Workshops - Round 1
10:30 am - Workshops - Round 2
11:45 am - Lunch
1 pm - Sunday Keynote Speaker
2:30 pm - Closing Ceremony
3 pm - Event Ending

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