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Live Art

Forest weston

I was instantly drawn to the instrument after hearing one played for the first time, being pulled in by the ancient tones and rhythms. The fact that the didgeridoo is likely to be the first wind instrument played by humans drew him even deeper into the low frequency, haunting drones that makes it so unique. I build most of the instruments I play from traditional materials as well as modern composites.


Nettie Loops.HEIC

Nettie Gentempo (Nettie Loops)
Nettie feels that existing somewhere between her dreams and reality is what allows her to stay in an open space and effectively create as a performance artist.  

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Martin Bridge
You will find Martin working on an on-going piece throughout the weekend located in the same room as our Keynote speakers and Panel discussions. His completed piece will be available for sale and proceeds will go towards our Natural Medicine campaign here in Maine.

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Jonah Fertig-Burd
We are all creative, yet too often our mind and our judgments get in the way of expressing our creativity. Through a participatory process we will co-create art that integrates our experiences with mushrooms and speaks to the interconnectedness of all existence. Participants will be invited to drop into their bodies and tune into their creativity to express themselves. No artistic skills or materials are necessary, just bring yourself and your willingness to creatively explore.

Jim Doble

My philosophy around healing is based around the view that we all are capable of self healing. It is the "healers" job to help the client create the environment  for healing to take place; and Sound Therapy is a perfect medium to use for creating that environment. The complexity of the sounds of the Gongs,Singing Bowls, and Chimes lead into deep relaxation while simultaneously stimulating new kinds of neural activity, creating a great sonic "soup" for transformation and healing to take place.

Through my instrument creating work and immense interest in the potential of sound healing,  I've had the good fortune to have been introduced to many of the modern pioneers of sound healing work, and have studied under a few of them. My approach is grounded with some of the known science in the field, but steered with my intuitive sense.



SATURDAY - May 13th

8 am - Attendee Registration Begins
8:45 am - Welcoming
9 am - Workshops - Round 1
10:45 am - Panel Discussions
Noon - Lunch (On-site for attendees)
1:15 pm - Workshops - Round 2
2:30 pm - Workshops - Round 3
4 pm - Saturday Keynote Speaker
7:30 pm - Special Event

SUNDAY - May 14th

8 am - Breakfast (on-site for attendees)
8:45 am - Welcoming
9 am - Workshops - Round 1
10:30 am - Workshops - Round 2
11:45 am - Lunch
1 pm - Sunday Keynote Speaker
2:30 pm - Closing Ceremony
3 pm - Event Ending

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