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Michael LaCharite 




Michael is the Production Manager for Tootie’s Tempeh, a new co-op in Biddeford making artisanal tempeh, a plant-based superfood. They are the first tempeh manufacture in the US to not ferment in plastic bags, making it more ecological and better tasting. Michael worked 30+ years as a Brewmaster in the local craft beer industry, at the helm of some of Maine’s most iconic breweries and brands, Casco Bay Brewing, Katahdin Beers and Baxter Brewing, to name a few and is a graduate of the Siebel Institute of Brewing Technology in Chicago. He later became a Brewery Consultant and equipment designer and helped open dozens of breweries around New England including Bissel Brothers in Portland and Dorchester Brewing in MA. He’s also a National Beer Judge and the highest ranking judge in Maine. His passion is for Belgian style beers.


Michael previously ran a small personal chef business, catering small dinner parties to 75 person receptions. He’s also passionate about fermented foods of all kinds and makes his own kim chee, tempeh, koji, miso and sake. More recently, Michael became a certified plant-based nutritionist and enjoys sharing his knowledge about WFPB. Michael and his wife Christa switched to a whole food, plant based lifestyle 8 years ago and couldn’t be happier stating “I’m saving the planet one bite at a time”.

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