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Panel Discussions

Mushrooms And Mythology
Just as the soil is a layer of the world beneath our feet, the mythic is a level of reality beneath the surface of our ordinary experience. Just as mycelia run through the soil, myths run through the consciousness of the world.   Join us for a lively and wide-ranging conversation about the connections between the mythic realm and the mushroom realm.

Art, Psychedelics and Spirituality
The cross currents of art, psychedelics, and spirituality are likely to go back as far as human existence. This panel discussion will help trace some of those currents and show how and where they intersec

Mushrooms, Herbal Remedies, And Muggle Magic: How Do They Get On Equal Footing With Western Medicine?
We continue to see a paradigm of medicine and healing that puts greater trust and greater resources towards fully monetized medicine rather than plant based and fully accessible medicine. How can we change this and ensure that as healing evolves all possibilities are considered and valued?

Body Autonomy: De-Crim, Vaccines, Abortion, And Sex Work — Where Do The Lines Begin And End?
Folks from all ends of the political spectrum have found themselves articulating a strong desire for body autonomy. Using decriminalization of drugs, abortion rights, mandatory vaccinations, and sex worker rights as starting points we discuss where lines might begin and where they may end.

Decriminalization: Where Do We Go From Here?
Join a lively discussion on the possibilities of continued movement towards decriminalization here in Maine with leadership from statewide groups and national organizations

Finding a Way back: Veterans Speak
For many returning veteran’s trauma is a lifetime legacy from their time in combat. Faced with the challenges of this trauma and the limitations of conventional VA treatments some are turning to the possibilities offered through psychedelics and plant medicine.


SATURDAY - May 13th

8 am - Attendee Registration Begins
8:45 am - Welcoming
9 am - Workshops - Round 1
10:45 am - Panel Discussions
Noon - Lunch (On-site for attendees)
1:15 pm - Workshops - Round 2
2:30 pm - Workshops - Round 3
4 pm - Saturday Keynote Speaker
7:30 pm - Special Event

SUNDAY - May 14th

8 am - Breakfast (on-site for attendees)
8:45 am - Welcoming
9 am - Workshops - Round 1
10:30 am - Workshops - Round 2
11:45 am - Lunch
1 pm - Sunday Keynote Speaker
2:30 pm - Closing Ceremony
3 pm - Event Ending

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