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Scott Guzman


Scott Guzman is passionate about reshaping our relationships: with the land, with each other & with the cycles of energy that drive society. This has manifested in community organizing, inner healing work, spiritual inquiry, permaculture design, renewable energy, bicycle magic & at the heart of it all: Compost! He's been collecting compost, leading soil workshops, & helping people set up home scale worm bins & compost systems for the past 10 years. '


Scott is a founding member of the Diggers - a compost cooperative based in southern Maine - diverting organic material from the waste stream, using worm bins and bulk compost piles to convert this ‘trash’ to treasure! 

In an effort to increase compost awareness, Diggers Co-Op builds community gardens, public food forests, online soil science and collaborative projects in local schools. This is all part of a big picture dream for how we can bring harmony to strained relationships with the earth on a global scale.

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