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While serving in the Navy, Christy found herself to be her toxic command’s latest target for harassment. After reporting them, all hell broke loose. She became the target of many mind games. Her own shipmates were forbidden to even speak with her.

When Christy was discharged, she left with both physical and emotional injuries. They did not provide her with any type of support system. There was only one -person who broke orders to reach out to her to even see if she had a place to stay. These experiences caused her to have consistent nightmares and lash out at people. She was willing to try anything to get her life back on track when she heard a talk about plant medicine retreats. She started seeing results and changing her life after just one weekend at a retreat.

She also came out of several toxic relationships that she needed to heal from. Christy wrote a book to help others going through the same issues. These retreats have shown her how to not just get past her painful experiences but how to use them to succeed in her life.

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