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Eric Petersen is a Maine native who grew up in the Saco area. Upon graduation, he joined the Air Force and began training to be an air traffic controller.  He quickly realized that his creativity and ADHD were more than a concern about landing airplanes. Upon leaving the Air Force, Eric followed his creative instincts, enrolling in Valencia College film school in Florida, which ultimately lead him to Electronic Arts as a 3D Environment Artist working on extremely popular games like Madden and GoldenEye Rogue Agent. Eric eventually created, designed, and produced his own word game for the app stores titled Grabble.  

Eric spent years trying to figure out how to grow through life's many wounds and traumas. Eric learned about DMT in 2009 and immediately started extracting it himself. Eric spent years learning and understanding how psychedelics are helping with mental health. Specifically, with his own protocol for Extended Microdosing he calls 'Dimitri's Ladder.'  


Eric has written numerous articles on DMT extraction, as well as numbers observations he runs many online discussions and groups. Nine months ago Eric published a 10-minute EZ-DMT Extraction tutorial that garnered over 169k views.  Eric also designs his impressive DMT-Shirts to spark conversations by parodying pop cultural icons to piggyback DMT into mainstream consciousness where it should be. Eric is constantly reading and learning about consciousness with DMT. He is an incredible artist and loves music. He always has time to talk and help those in need, especially veterans.

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