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The Greenhouse/Shelby Oates

Food Truck

The Greenhouse by SAO is a food (micro-) business owned/operated by S.helby A.nne O.ates based out of Parsonsfield, ME byway of Atlanta, GA. SAO aims to be as locally sourced as possible w/ plant based menu items often reflective of what local farms have available. Designing menus to match events or tailoring to local farm features for clients are consistent goals within this tiny food business’s plan; SAO aims to help community break bread with southern soul and plant based love.

‘Locally Sourced Rustic Plant Based Gourmet’ For this event I will be selling: •BBQ Shiitake Sammiches + Side •Sliced Bello Bun + Side Sides: Fresh Salad w/ House Dressing or GF Chips *Featuring local Mousam Valley Mushrooms. (shiitake bbq & portobellos)

Tootie’s Tempeh turned house ‘bacon’ for the Bello Bunwiches

The Greenhouse/Shelby Oates
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