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Transparent Facade Fine Arts


Gabrielle of Transparent Facade Fine Arts strives to manifest as much of her vision as possible, though it’s a slow process drawing ideas down into the material world. She pulls inspiration for her art from meditations, dreams, music, reading and Nature. Sometimes it’s just raw emotions as well. No matter the source, color, nature and metaphysical symbolism permeate her works. She tends to work from darkness and shadow, to bring her images to light. As a former massage therapist and yoga teacher, she is fascinated by human anatomy and yogic energy systems. As a naturalist, she sees plants, animals and fungi as having imperative and holistic purposes on the planet, and also significant symbolism and import for her personally in her art and her life's journey, as well as, for humanity. Each natural element in her art can be used as a tool of reflection: whether it’s a heart, a skull or a mushroom. And these come up often…Her art is an ongoing conversation with her Self. Her natural symbols: an evolving language. What might they say to you? She offers her original paintings and drawings, as well as, high quality prints, postcards and more.

Etsy @transparentFacade IG @gabrielle.hunter.33.

Transparent Facade Fine Arts
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