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We are happy to announce that our sponsors
The North Spore  and  The Bliss Bus

are going to offer complimetary tours of

The North Spore Facility

to the first 60 holders of  Tier III event tickets who sign up for the tour

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Located on Riverside Drive in Portland, North Spore provides access to the mycological world through innovative mushroom cultivation, spawn production, and research. North Spore is the brainchild of three college friends with an admiration for all things related to the mycological world. What began as a love for mushroom foraging has developed into an obsession with all things fungi.


That passion for foraging has evolved over time: these days any of them are likely to be found in their cultivation rooms growing oyster mushrooms, shiitakes, lion's mane, chestnut mushroom, king trumpets, and pioppinos, or tincturing the myriad medicinal polypores that grow in the Maine woods.


Maybe they are at Fork Food Lab in Portland sautéing shitakes with mirin and tamari; or perhaps it's the dried porcinis and chanterelles from our last mushroom walk that are taking the stage.


North Spore produces 100% of the spawn used at its facility and also makes sawdust, plug, and grain spawn for other commercial and enthusiast growers. They take their commercial spawn customer's needs seriously and are fortunate to have both a mycologist with a Master's Degree in the field and a trained lab technician overseeing our in-house laboratory, culture bank, and spawn production.


Regardless of whether they are sharing a favorite mushroom dishes, their knowledge of mushroom foraging and cultivation, or simply their overwhelming admiration for this often overlooked biological kingdom, North Spore strives to be a community hub for fungi enthusiasts; a place where people learn to love mushrooms as they do.

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