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The Future of Chaga in Maine
Chaga is one of Maine’s best-known mushrooms and is there is a hot discussion happening in Maine right now about the future of this popular fungus. This workshop will feature well known members of the Maine mushroom community who will share their thoughts about both the health benefits of Chaga as well as their thoughts on current proposals to “farm’ Chaga using implants from a European manufacturer.

Evidence has shown that mushrooms have unique healing properties and have been used for thousands of years. More recently we have seen numerous news reports and media coverage that describes the unique healing properties of psychedelic mushrooms, but what does it all mean? Whether it is large doses or mushrooms, also known as “macrodoses” or the tiny, sub perceptual doses also known as “microdoses”, in this workshop we will discuss what this means, some of the research, and answer questions about the magic of magic mushrooms. Hosted by C.J. Spotswood, PMHNP aka “The EntheoNurse”, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, psychedelic educator, and author of “The Microdosing Guidebook”.

Foraging Wild Mushrooms: Discovering Your Fool-Proof Few
Collecting and eating wild mushrooms is an intimidating prospect for the beginner.  There are so many different mushrooms and some of them are devilishly difficult to tell apart.  And some of them are poisonous, a few dangerously toxic.  But there are a number of common mushrooms that are great edibles, easily identified and without toxic look-alikes. These Foolproof mushrooms may provide you with all the mushrooms you ever want!  Join mushrooming author and teacher Greg Marley for a virtual talk devoted to some common “foolproof” mushrooms found in the Northeastern US.  This talk will be especially valuable for someone who is just starting out or wants to learn mushrooming.  

Psychedelics and Parenting
Can psychedelics help you become a better parent? How do you discuss psychedelics with your children? When are adolescents and young adults ready to experiment, and how do we minimize their risks? Dr. Dustin Sulak, long-time psychedelic advocate and father of three, offers a framework for answering these important questions in the context of your family, invites parents to share their experiences while learning from each other, and helps participants prepare for a future with legal access and optimal use of these powerful tools.

Growing Jewelery: a Creative Journey Fabricating Wearable Mycelium Art
Maine-based mycelium and jewelry artist Stephan Mitman will share a visual presentation on his 2-year journey to learn how to grow and create wearable jewelry objects with mycelium.  The presentation will show all aspects of his studio grow-process, and how it has evolved over the past 24 months.  Both creative and technical aspects of this project will be shared via images, videos, and Q&A in the presentation.  Samples of test and finished mycelium art pieces will be available for participants to handle. Growers, foragers, psychonauts, and mushroom lovers with an interest in the creative process, fungal fabrication, and product innovation, will find this presentation interesting and maybe even useful.

Psychedelics Insights for Transcending the Robot Mind
In this interactive workshop, we first explore the nature of the mind and its tendencies to run on autopilot, drawing examples from psychology and using participants’ own actions to reveal this inclination. Then we discuss current research into psychedelic experience to highlight how the medicines can provide liberation from robotic tendencies, including bad habits of behavior and cognition. Personal experiences of both types, robotic and freedom generating, will be discussed in small groups. An emphasis will be placed on learning about one’s own mental habits in a fun and engaging way.

This Is No Joke: Tales From The Dark Side, The Bright Side And The  Inside
Kristina Ellery, Founder & Head Minister of Sacred Earth Sanctuary, takes us on a semi funny, but mostly serious journey into the reality of working with Psilocybin. After nearly 3 years of holding ceremonial space, Kristina will share tales from the dark side, the bright side, the inside, and the importance of experience, integrity, and Spirit. This workshop is ideal for anyone considering participating in a ceremony, becoming a psilocybin guide, and/or opening a church.

Awakening Through the Ceremonial Use of Psilocybin

Psilocybin mushrooms have been used ceremonially for thousands of years and traces of its use are believed to be hidden in many religions. In this workshop, Kristina Ellery gives a spiritual take on what she believes to be the true meaning of awakening, along with the necessary steps to achieve deep inner healing through the ceremonial use of psilocybin.

Interconnected Threads: Art, Permaculture, Animism, Mushrooms And Magic In The Psychedelic Renaissance
In this workshop we will explore a complex network of relationships between these subjects, in how they inform and support one another. Beginning with a brief introduction to Permaculture - a design science built on observation of natural systems and processes to aid in design of sustainable agriculture, architectural and social systems. We will then explore the role Art and Social Permaculture strategies could play as we work to redesign our cultural and legal relationships with Psychedelics.

Beginner Mushroom Foraging
This is the perfect starting point for people seeking a way into the world of mushroom foraging. Find out how to start your journey into this fascinating world.

Confirmations with Drop-Pulse Testing
Learn to relax your mind and gain confidence with share Drop-Pulse testing. Test mushrooms, tinctures, dried herbs, or fresh herbs, to sense responses and determine the best choice for an herbal remedy. Note pulse, pupil, color, tension, temperature, moisture, and overall impact of our plant friends on the person sitting before you. A great way to narrow down the herbal choices and find the ones most suited to the individual.

Herbs to Stay Juicy Inside and Out Being a Love Child Beyond The Sixties
Genetics aren't something you have control over. But you do have control of what you put in your mouth, how much you move your body and how you channel your thoughts.  We will learn about stem cell encouraging herbs, mushrooms and other demulcents. Learn about which herbs can best assist your brain, stress levels and vitality and help increase your libido and stamina.

Restorative Justice: Forgiving, Not Forgetting
Join us for this informative workshop on restorative justice. A process where all stakeholders affected by an injustice have an opportunity to discuss how they have been affected by the injustice and to decide what should be done to repair the harm. How can this process be enhanced by the use of psychedelics?

Ecology of Consciousness
Our consciousness did not arise alone. Consciousness is the fruiting body of a vast mycelial organism whose tendrils entwine with the roots of ancient trees and ephemeral wildflowers. Songs and poems are spores on the wind, carrying all we have known and felt and been to new soil where life might begin its wild fractal branching again.   Psychedelic compounds that plants and fungi evolved to help grow those networks of consciousness can help us reweave ourselves back into connection with the living world. 

 Success with Psylocybin and Other Medicinal Mushrooms  
A clinical herbalist shares her successes, failures, insights into proper dosing for specific ailments, creative ways of ingesting, and how to blend mushrooms with other herbs for a more tailored experience. and science of psychodelics in couple

Expanding Together: The Art and Science of Psychedelics in Couple's Work
It is said that the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships. Just as we can experience our deepest traumas within relationship, so too can we do some of our deepest healing within relationship. Psychedelics hold a unique potential for insight and growth when incorporated safely and mindfully into the fabric of our intimate lives. Join Somatic Sex Educator, Juliana Goldstone for an informative and playful exploration of how psychedelics can support couples to find new and creative ways to solve old problems, address and heal relational attachment traumas, address seemingly unsolvable “sexual dysfunctions”, and provide a container for the missing relational rites of passage that we are sorely missing in dominant Western culture. 

Psychedelics and Consent
A space where we can explore the healthiest practices and understand the obligations that come with being a healer actively utilizing psychedelics in their practice. What does consent mean in non-traditional healing modalities? What the obligations of healers and teachers as they undertake healing with either patient and/or healer in a psychedelic session?

Cancel Culture or Uncomfortable Conversations
New Technologies bring about significant transformations in the art of public discourse and accountability. What do we need to be aware of while we redesign our culture to be more equitable and just. This workshop is a space where we can explore real world scenarios where this discussion has played out


Weaving the Mycelial Economy: Creating Interconnected and Cooperative Businesses, Organizations and Networks

How do we integrate the interconnected wisdom of mushrooms into our businesses, organizations, and networks?  Through this interactive and co-creative workshop, participants will have the opportunity to develop ideas and visions for new projects in the mushroom and psychedelic space or can explore how to evolve their existing business or organization to be in alignment with the experience of interconnectedness.  Drawing upon roots of cooperatives, decentralized collective organizing, Holocracy and sociocracy, regenerative economy and the solidarity economy, we will explore how we can grow organizations that are heart-centered, aligned with purpose and in harmony with people and the planet

SOIL FUNGI- FROM PERSECUTION TO PRAISE (Part I)- How Fungi are bringing agriculture out of the dark ages. Pt 1. The Role of Decomposing Fungi in the Soil Food Web.

This presentation will reveal the essential role of decomposing fungi in plant health.  Did you know that soil fungi are still thought of only as a source of plant diseases by most commercial farmers? Thankfully there is a growing understanding of the beneficial roles that these decomposers play in the soil.  This presentation will explore the similarities and differences between fungal soil pathogens and beneficial saprophytic fungi. With a holistic view we can understanding the role of fungi as central players in the soil food web.  The emphasis of this talk will be on cultivated soils. 




SOIL FUNGI- FROM PERSECUTION TO PRAISE (Part 2) - How Soil fungi are bringing agriculture out of the dark ages. Pt 2.  The Role of Mycorrhizal Fungi in the Soil Food Web. 

This presentation will explore the role of mycorrhizal fungi within the matrix of the soil food web. What is the difference between Mycorrhizal fungi and Saprophytic fungi? And how do the former work with plants to increase nutrient uptake and immune system function?  These amazing fungi will be considered in relation to the entire soil food web. 

Psychedelics as a Spiritual Practice for Community Development

How do we rethink psychedelic 'integration' beyond the self and into active caring in all our relations? This participatory workshop will explore the distinction between using psychedelics recreationally and ceremonially for personal and spiritual development. We will also reflect on how psychedelic experiences can play a role in regenerating our communities and the lands we steward.

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