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Yeshua Adonai

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As a U.S. Marine combat veteran, U.S. Diplomat, executive, and coach, I bring two decades of diverse leadership experience developing initiatives within the non-profit, private, and public sectors. Living in Europe, the Middle East, and throughout America, I have co-developed many successful organizations, communities, and movements that have enhanced lives globally. I have 15 years of meditation practice and over ten years of coaching, which informs the unique thinking technologies I employ: regenerative business, biomimicry, and mindfulness practices. Former clients include the California Department of Public Health, TED, Unify, Team Rubicon, Google, Facebook, & Roche.

I've recently pivoted my career focus from sustainability, mindfulness, & innovation initiatives to advancing psychedelic access. I attribute my PTSD & depression from military service predominately healed due to alternative therapies, including a few dozen guided deep journeys.

I am passionate about influencing decriminalization reform and responsible psychedelic access in my local region, Maine, and at a National level. I am completing ministry certification to practice, grow, and hold space with psilocybin for others legally in the State of Maine. I recently moved from San Francisco, California, to Camden, Maine. Please reach out; I welcome new relationships.

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