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Welcome to Maine Fungi Fest

 "All Things Fungi, Plant Based Healing & Evolving Consciousness"

We are thrilled to announce that the Maine Fungi Fest is coming to you TBD!

Join us for an experience that celebrates the incredible world of all things fungi, plant-based healing, and evolving consciousness.

We are excited to be joined by our Project Partner this year - PERMATOURS, who will be bringing their skills and enthusiasm to our organizing

Permatours is a decentralized non-profit that facilitates learn-by-doing events centered around growing food, natural construction, and community building. 


We are excited to have them onboard with a production focus of AREA B - the portion of the event that will be free and open to the public during most of the weekend. (See program page for details)



All proceeds from this event are put towards the work of the Maine Consciousness, Healing and Living Medicine Project - M.C.H.L.M.P.

Our History

Maine Fungi Fest

In 2021 the Maine Consciousness, Healing, and Living Medicine Project was founded by Jonathan Leavitt and Dustin Sulak, DO with the simple intention of expanding the discussion on psychedelics and consciousness here in Maine.


In 2022 came the first annual Maine Fungi Fest, where folks interested in "All Things Fungi, Plant Based Medicine, and Evolving Consciousness" could come together to learn, teach, inspire, network, and create around these themes.The first year was a one day event held at the Portland Expo Center.

In 2023 the event was expanded and relocated to the Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland providing better accommodations for 2.5 days of workshops, speakers, demonstrations, meals, lodging, and creative exchanges.

In 2024 the event continued expanding and relocated to USM - Portland, where attendees had access to over 75+ workshops/presenters and an additional 50+ performers/healers/artists

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