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Co-founder, Board President, and Founding Minister with Psanctuary Sacred Mushroom Church. My journey with the sacred mushrooms began in 1999 when I was but nineteen years old. Raised Catholic and an avid student of sacred texts, I began to understand these mushrooms as the primary sacrament very shortly after my first encounter with them. While in the conceptual stages of establishing the Church of Soma in 2015, without religious protection, I was arrested for providing access to the sacrament.


From my research and experience, it is evident that psilocybin mushrooms are Nature’s primary sacrament, a gift allowing humans to transcend the mundane and experience the world of energy and spirit that is the foundation of all existence.  I do not worship any deity, rather I recognize that all life, all existence is the Creative Source experiencing itself. What we call this Creative Source can never truly signify the underlying, ineffable reality.


By communing with sacred mushrooms, we can more closely encounter this innate divinity and gain a greater awareness of the perfection and glory of the Universe in which we dwell. It is my greatest honor to be of service in this capacity, may this be my endless hymn of praise to the Great Mystery from whence we all came.

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