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Ignacio G Hutía Xeiti Rivera (Ig-Nah-See-Oh Gee Who-tee-ah She-eye-tee Ree-ve-Rah), M.A., or Black Marmot, is an educator and lifelong learner committed to advancing bodily autonomy and reshaping our understanding of the human condition beyond existing frameworks. Actively engaged in bridging theory with practice, Ignacio endeavors to manifest a reality where sexual liberation and abolition seamlessly converge in everyday life. As a sexual liberationist, abolitionist, and cultural sociologist, Ignacio specializes in comprehending and addressing the root causes of sexual trauma, particularly child sexual abuse. Their focus extends to alternative healing modalities and community-led solutions.


A Queer, Trans/Genderfluid, Chronically ill, Black-Boricua, and Taíno activist, Ignacio embraces the gender-neutral pronouns they or elle. With over 30 years of diverse experience, they are a globally recognized non-binary speaker, educator, writer, and performer. Ignacio's expertise spans economic justice, anti-racist and anti-violence efforts, as well as involvement in mujerista, LGBTQI, and sex-positive movements.


Ignacio invites you to explore more about their work at and *Knowledgeable in Spanish, and American Sign Language (ASL)

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