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Around 25 years ago Jim Doble inadvertently experienced a sound event while playing on my glass and slate “xylophones” which, I felt, profoundly shifted something in my brain. That began my passionate research into how sound and vibration can be used to shift energy in people to help promote not only healing, but expanding our physical, psychological, and ethereal selves to our full potential.


I’d already had a business making and selling unusual musical instruments for a number of years and started adapting some of those instruments to be specifically suited for sound healing work. I was fortunate in my timing as, around the same time there came into being, fairly nearby, a yearly colloquium on sound healing, where many of the leading modern pioneers and practitioners of sound therapies congregated. There, I was exposed to the research of many bright and passionate explorers of sound and how it can be used to healthy effect.


A few years ago I initiated my Sound/Vibration Therapy practice and I currently work with both individual clients, and sometimes couples, as well as giving sound “baths” for larger groups. The individual sessions usually consist of working with some combination of various gongs, specialized tuning forks, and musical instruments of my own creation. The main idea my work is to help the recipient loosen up stuck energy or patterns in an alternative mind space, thus inviting shifting energy with healing to happen. The group Sound “Baths” usually include a slew of varies types and sizes of gongs, Himalayan bowls, tuning forks, and sometimes, my creations.

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