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Keelia Ryan is the co-founder of Plant-Allied Recovery, a community and harm reduction program that supports people in recovery to work with entheogenic plant and fungi medicines in a safe, sacred, and intentional way. Keelia began her path to service through her own healing journey overcoming CPTSD, trauma, grief, homelessness, and addiction. Upon finding recovery from addiction, she began studying social work, with a special interest in trauma healing. After many years in the mental health field, she used her skills to work at a rehab providing clinical interventions to people with SUD and trauma. She was also beginning to seek alternative holistic pathways for her own trauma healing. In this healing journey, with multiple years sober, she was called to the plant medicine path.

After experiencing her own transformation through intentionally working with plant and fungi medicines, she left her career and went on to study psychedelic integration. For the next few years, she provided integration and facilitation at multiple plant medicine churches and retreat centers. Keelia's studies on the plant medicine path have led her to years of study, with multiple medicine carriers, with the intention of learning more about the process of connecting to plant spirits and the process of integration.

She loves spreading awareness and knowledge about the lessons she has learned from her work in this field, including, ending the stigma people in recovery face, the decolonization of medicine, the importance of integration, cultivating right relation with medicine, and safety in medicine ceremonies. Keelia's mission is to empower and uplift people in their plant medicine journey, so that they can recognize their own power, recognize their innate ability to be their own best healer, and fully embody their Highest Self.

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