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I'm an army combat veteran that suffered both physical and mental injuries. All my degrees, years of education, high-speed army training and years as a certified substance abuse counselor left me defenseless to counter act the PTSD, severe depression and crippling anxiety I was left to face as a medically discharged veteran.


When I stopped believing in myself and the life that I was left to live I was asked by a trusted friend to take just one more tiny step forward and agree to attend an ayahuasca ceremony. Although I did not know what ayahuasca was at the time, I decided there was nothing else I could lose. 


This was the beginning of my journey to heal. I became educated in the nature of psychedelics and the plant medicine path. I have not only been a participant, but a mentor, an organizer and a medical volunteer in these healing ceremonies.


I learned how the body, mind and spirit are connected and taught others how to access this path through diet, meditation, breathwork and sound. I have been able to assist others in their own healing journey with ayahuasca, kambo, psylocibin and ketamine.  


The power of healing with psychedelics lies in the intention to heal and the integration with the mind, body and spirit approach. I believe in working towards legal and safe access for all especially the veteran community.


Although I cannot do your healing for you, I am able to share a story of hope and help you access your own healing path which I now know is possible.

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