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Freddy Larrosa


Freddy Larrosa(35), is an Ecuadorian singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and healer. Born into a musical family, Larrosa has been around guitars, drums and singing since his conception, At a very young age he began to play the guitar and sing, inspired by well known Latin American troubadours like Silvio Rodriguez, Facundo Cabral, Fito Paez, among many others which have molded Larrosa’s unique sound.

At 19, he began a journey of self discovery and healing which brought him to his father’s native land, Uruguay, where he learned the mysteries of the Candombe, it’s African Roots, Murga and Drumming. His journey has taken his voice to many places around the world. Larrosa is the visionary and co-creator of collectives Now Nation, and recently Gardenhouse which brings many artists of different expressions together, creating platforms for live performances, and giving a voice to different topics including healing and spirituality which are common themes in Larrosa’s lyrics as well. He’s had the honor of sharing stage with great Latin American artists such as Mikel Erentxun (Duncan Dhu), Ella Baila Sola, Sergio Sacoto, Orishas and finally opening for Bob Marley’s legendary band “The Wailers” in Woodstock, NY. His debut album “Children of the Light” was released on all platforms in March, 2020.

He is the founder of Gardenhouse Records and is currently working on many different artists’ projects as a producer. Larrosa continues to work on spiritual discovery, healing and exploring new sounds to bring to his audie

Freddy Larrosa
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